Successful Learning at Home

To make home-learning a success, AMS has created a guide titled “AMS Successful Learning at Home” covering the following information:

  • How to communicate with the school and teachers
  • Academic expectations (including how to access Google Classroom and the Grading Policy)
  • Student schedules (including sample recommended schedules for students)
  • How to organize home learning spaces
  • How to work with and help your child and avoid learning frustrations

If You DO NOT Have Access to a Computer and Internet for Your Children at Home:

We are continuing to make learning packets available at the schools for pickup on the Monday of each week. Please stop by during the breakfast/lunch pickup times to pick up the packets.

If you DO Have Access to a Computer and Internet for Your Children at Home:

Learning online will allow your student to access the required work while reducing the need for picking up paper packets in person.  To access the AMS Home Learning program online, log in to Google using the AMS provided NEW Google email for your student.  Directions for logging into Google classroom can be found in the Home Learning Guide. After signing in on the homepage, students and parents should click on their student’s classes and there they will see the assigned work for the week. Students should work through all the lessons and assignments.  A video on how to access Google Classroom is also available here: How to Access Google Classroom.

If you are having trouble with passwords or access, please reach out to your child’s teacher by phone, Dojo, or email.

Continued Learning Across All Subjects at AMS

AMS has a Home Learning website with resources that contain website activities students can participate in while learning from home.  If you can, incorporate these resources into your student’s daily schedule to increase the variety in their learning and keep them engaged. To view these resources, click here: AMS Home Learning Resources.

Learning at Home

We know that home learning is a different way of learning.  We are here to help you every step of the way to ensure that not only are your children safe, but that they continue to receive an excellent education during this time.


AMS is providing Chromebooks to students with a need to ensure they can access online instruction from home. If you were unable to pick up a Chromebook for your AMS student during the scheduled times, please contact your school’s administrator to inquire on the availability of a Chromebook and to schedule a pick up date. Parents must sign a Chromebook checkout agreement.

All devices must be returned at the end of May.

Cox Connect2Compete

    • Limited-time, first two months free of Connect2Compete service, $9.95/month thereafter
    • Until May 15, 2020, Cox is providing phone and remote desktop support through Cox Complete Care at no charge


      • Families with K-12 children who are eligible for the National School Lunch Program, SNAP, and/or TANF; who receive Tenant-Based Vouchers, Project-Based Vouchers or Section 8 Project-Based Rental Assistance (PBRA); and/or who live in Public Housing
      • Have not had a Cox internet connection in the last 90 days
      • Located in Cox service area

To Apply: Connect2Compete Application

More Info: Connect2Compete Info

Cox Low Cost PC Options: PCs for People

Comcast Internet Essentials

    • $9.95/month


      • Eligibility for National School Lunch Program, Housing Assistance, Medicaid, SNAP and SSI
      • Have not had a Comcast connection in 90 days and outstanding debts with Comcast less than a year old
      • Located in Comcast

To Apply: Internet Essentials Application

More Info:  Internet Essentials Info

Comcast Low Cost PC Options:  Internet Essentials PCs

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